Posted by: erinserb | September 23, 2008


Perhaps I shouldn’t say that our blog needs a jump start; quite frankly I think that people are just too busy at this particular time of the year.

Oh well, this newly minted librarian is active and in pursuit of gainful employment.  I do have several warm irons in the fire; just gotta get the fire stoked up! :-)

I believe Nurse Ratched’s blog says it all about the anger that I, and a multitude of the American populace are sharing now.  Although it seems there will be a bail-out (to the tune of two Iraq wars) of the banks, it really gets me mad about those responsible for these transgressions in the first place.  I would have hoped that the people managing money at these “investment” houses would carry not only the minimum amount of education, but also the proper measure of common sense and ethics.

From the top down, there should be massive accountability – anything less would be cheating the American taxpayer who will have to pay for all of this.  Perhaps the guillotine is to severe, but I would settle for a good tar and feathering of those who have even marginal culpability.

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